About us

has a comfortable location in one of the best districts of Kiev, not far from the subway and the airport Borispol.
It was opened only in 2012, but has already become a favourite overnight place for many visitors and tourists from completely different regions of Europe and America. Our mini-hotel has repeatedly received positive reviews from the guests and partners , whom we cooperate with. Why it is different from the other mini-hotels? We offer our guests maximum comfort, take all their suggestions into account and give all necessary information.
Getting into FREEDOM Hostel, you can mark the nice interior and good-natured receptionist who will give you the proper attention. We have one 10-bedded room and one 8-bedded, for both a group and a person. The room is large and spacious with modern bunk beds and private lockers for personal belongings. But if you want to stay in a separate room, we can offer you a cozy VIP with two single beds or one big one. Here you will find a  balcony, TV, desk, full length mirror, as well as a
cloakroom. For families that travel together, we have a separate room for a family of 4. The hostel has a large kitchen, which has everything necessary for cooking, you can put your food in the fridge and drink tea by watching TV. And as we have two bathrooms with bath and shower. Living in our mini-hotel, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi in any of the rooms. If you are in Kyiv and find a nice place to stay at, FREEDOM hostel is the best option to choose!